Fleet Driver Training, North Wales & North West England

Employers have the responsibility to make sure that their employees have the training required to keep them and others safe in the line of duty, even in their own cars.

On average, 65% of all company vehicles will be involved in a road incidence within the next 12 months. The average vehicle cost following an accident can range between £750 to £4,500. Companies who invest in effective driver training could see at least a 15% return, basically this training will be pay for itself!

fleet driver training

The Corporate Manslaughter Act 2007

“Companies and Organisations can be found guilty of Corporate Manslaughter as a result of serious negligence in the training that should provided to their employees”

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The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007

Did you know?

In 2014 there were 24,580 people killed or seriously injured on Britain’s roads, 4% increase compared with last year.

ROSPA Calculate that after Deep Sea fishing and Coal Mining, Driving 25,000 miles per year on business is the most life-threatening activity we undertake, More Dangerous than working in Construction.

Four times as many people are killed while driving for work than any other industrial accident.

Employers have the Responsibility to make sure that their employees have the training required to keep them and others safe in the line of duty, even in their own cars.

Romeo Driver Training can provide bespoke courses for anyone who holds a category B licence driving anything up to 7.5 tons.

We can offer….

*Bespoke training to suit the customers needs
*Reduced insurance premiums and claims
*An average of 15% reduction in fuel consumption (on day of training)
*Reduced vehicle wear and tear
*full paper trail provided for your records
*Training areas covered North Wales and North West

Fuel Save Driver Training

With running costs increasing on a yearly basis, we all trying to reduce those costs where possible. Looking at how We drive there are techniques we can adopt to enable us to save money.

Training your employees with these techniques will enable them to drive in a more economical and fuel efficient way, potentially saving your company up to 13% in running costs.

During the training your drivers will achieve anything up to 13% saving. “Studies suggest that a typical driver will maintain saving of 1-6% or £20 to £120 across the entire year”. (Energy Saving Trust)

Imagine the saving across your entire fleet!

Other benefits include:

*Based on 8,700 miles a year, typical saving of £235 per driver, if all techniques are followed .
*Less wear and tear on the vehicles
*Reduction of your carbon footprint
*Creating an over all Safer driver due to increasing the ability to anticipate and reading the road ahead.

Let’s get training!

We can meet your drivers at their work place and using their vehicles, training will last 1 hour. You will receive training reports, which include the reading showing your driver improvements taken from the session.

If you have any questions or would like any more information then please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Our price list……

*Driver Risk Assessment 1hr on road. £35
*1 to 1 on road Full day. £190
*1 to 1 on road Half day. £110
*2 to 1 on road Full day. £220